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We care for people of all ages, though most of our members are in their late years and a few have signs of mild dementia. Looking after and stimulating older people  is very specialised. All our staff and volunteers attend training relevant to the nature of their work. We have 2 specialist volunteers who are trained in Reminiscence, which stimulates the long-term memory that often helps the short term memory to recover.

Some of our clients like to sit and chat, others like to participate in an activity. All of them enjoy our home cooked meals.


We offer theraputic activities, such as art & crafts  throughout the the day including painting, card making, knitting, sewing, decoupage and many others. Lindsey, from EXTEND attendsmost mornings to encourage gentle movement of the limbs as well as mental stimulation.

Once a month we invite an outside entertainer to sing to our members, We join in with a sing along and several of us have a jiggle and a shake on the dance floor.

We often have fund-raising events and in the past year (2009-2010) have raised £10,000  to buy a much newer minibus. Owning a minibus allows us to offer short outings to our members.


On a daily basis, we currently charge £5.00 for lunch, £5.50 for minibus pick-up in North Walsham and £10/12.00 for a bath. If you require transport from outside of NW, we can organise it and you will pay directly for the service. 

Our membership is paid monthly in advance and is currently under review. Many members are entitled to have the payments made by Norfolk County Council Adult Social Services or from your allocated Personal Budgets. 


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